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We believe in you

A European VC built by founders

Our values

VCs use all sorts of tricks to attract the best companies. We do too.
But as founders, we know that the main reason you choose an investor to be a part of your journey is because you like them.
You trust them. Their values align with yours.
So here are ours.


We know how to achieve a lot with a little, we’ve bootstrapped ourselves.

We understand founders because we have been founders ourselves.

We believe in taking risks, being agile, and aiming high, like you.


We know it takes a village to build a company.

We work together to support each other and our companies.

We are here for you when you need us. We won’t barge in when you don’t.

"caring" in French

We only hire trustworthy and approachable people.

You can rely on us to do the right thing.

We may be tough sometimes, but it’s because we care. You can count on us.

What our companies say

We are really collaborative, but don’t just take our word for it, listen to some of our CEOs talk about why they chose to work with Breega.

A fitness app based in London
"Breega are a VC run by entrepreneurs and so understand the highs and lows that are inevitable with any startup"
Daniel Shellard, CEO
Video 1
Exotec Solutions
A robotics manufacturer based in Lille
"Breega give great advice and are really easy to work with"
Romain Moulin, CEO
Video 2
A fintech based in London
"How do we change the wheel while driving full speed ahead ? With the advice and support we get from Breega!"
Shachar Bialick, CEO
Video 3
A digital identity platform for tracking products based in Paris
"We have the same values which is really important"
Mathieu Hug, CEO
Video 4
These are the events Team Breega will be attending, let’s meet up!
5 - 8 Jan, 2022
CES Las Vegas
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