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#Startups, the B to A of Breega: a quick reminder of what we’re all about.


Inspired by Maximilien Bacot, Founding Partner at Breega

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If you like to keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of venture capitalism then you may have noticed that last week at Breega, we announced the first closing of our third investment fund at €90 million, which takes us to €250m under management and makes us one of the fastest-growing VCs in Europe! This is great news as it means that we can continue to invest in and help to grow Europe’s most promising high tech startups.
For those of you who are less familiar with the VC world and what we do here at Breega, here is a little reminder.

What we do

At Breega we invest in early-stage (seed, series A) high-tech European startups with promise.

Meet Trustpair: one of Breega’s latest highly promising early-stage startups!


Our funds

Breega now has three investment funds. One is dedicated to startups in the fintech/insurtech sector and the other two are dedicated to high tech startups from multiple sectors; marketplace, adtech, martech, deep-tech etc. We are also one of the few funds that finance hardware!

Hello autonomous hardware!


What we look for

We look for startups with significant market potential that have spotted a real opportunity and/or that offer high tech innovative solutions to established pain points.

Want to know where your food comes from? So do we. Traceability and transparency of consumer products thanks to Tilkal


Who we are

At Breega, we’re all about entrepreneurship. Breega was founded by three entrepreneurs, a majority of our investors are successful entrepreneurs looking to give back to the ecosystem and we only hire entrepreneurs to be part of our invest team. In addition to our entrepreneurs, we also have an ops team made up of professionals in Biz dev, talent and people, coms and marketing, legal and finance. They provide free help and support to all of our startups on a when-needed basis.

Breega’s founding partners (left to right): Maximilien Bacot, Ben Marrel, François Paulus. You can meet all of the team here!


Why we do what we do

As founders, we know how difficult the entrepreneurial journey can be and we want to help other founders with great ideas, passion and potential to succeed. We believe that European high tech startups are the businesses of the future and we are 100 % dedicated to helping them grow.

Sencrop solutions: using data and technology to help farmers grow their crops


When and how the Breega story started

Breega was officially launched in 2013. Our founder’s aim was to fill what they saw as a gap in the venture capital landscape: the funding gap that existed between Seed and Series A, at that time, and the knowledge gap they felt many VCs had about what it took to build a company themselves. Since then we have raised three funds and invested in over 40 great startups.

Lemon Way: growing from startup to scaleup


How we work

After having met, vetted and invested in a startup, they become part of the Breega family. We like to build strong relationships with all of our startups and their teams and we stay close at hand to provide them with regular help and support when they need it. We believe that this is key to helping founders to succeed.

François Palus, Breega cofounder, & Romain Moulin, CEO of Exotec: sharing visions, goals and… unicorns.

If you’re the founder of an early-stage high-tech startup and you’re looking for an investor, then get in touch. At Breega, we are always happy to hear from fellow founders and we’ll look forward to meeting you!

Visit our website here and stay tuned, there’s more to come!


Team Breega


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