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Climate Action

Breega is helping to fight climate change.
Join us!

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and needs to be fought collectively!

Our aim is to reduce our impact on the environment through responsible practices, carbon capture and helping to encourage effective environmental legislation.

Breega’s Actions & pledges:

  • We have undertaken a full Carbon Footprint assessment that will allow us to:
    • Measure all of our direct & indirect carbon emissions.
    • Set ambitious reduction goals.
    • Plant 2000 trees with  EcoTree  in 2021 which should help to stock 60 tons of Co2/year
  • We have introduced a Sustainability Clause in our legal investment documentation.
  • We will be participating in the 1% for the Planet initiative, which consists in donating 1% of our revenue to Climate NGOs.
  • More generally, Breega has committed to donating 2% of our profits before tax to climate NGOs.

Startups and individuals join us!

  • If you’re looking to fight climate change with carbon capture, check out  EcoTree!
  • See Leaders For Climate Action’s recommendations on carbon reduction and sign to their Green pledge!

Doing more every day

Even small actions can bring about big change if carried out collectively.
Listen to how each of our team members is tackling climate change.

Breega x EcoTree

Launched in 2014, EcoTree is specialised in the preservation of biodiversity through the selling and planting of trees.

EcoTree offers individuals & companies the possibility of becoming tree owners on land owned by EcoTree or third-party forest owners.

EcoTree now has 45 000 clients and works with over 1000 companies across Europe such as LVMH, Amazon, Allianz, HSBC, etc.

All have pledged to become carbon neutral and encourage effective environmental legislation.

12 actions to reduce your carbon footprint today

Actions for companies

Invest in trees with EcoTree
And help your business. More here

Participate in biodiversity projects
to help restore ecosystems

Raise awareness
Communicate on your actions and encourage clients and stakeholders to participate

Actions for you

Avoid unnecessary carbon emissions
Adopt greener transport and reduce energy consumption in the home

Recycle and upcycle
Recycle household waste and upcycle clothes and objects

Change to a greener energy provider

Participate in or create your own green projects
For more information: Green dreamer, European commission