Join us for the Time for Climate Action campaign! 19th - 25th April 2021

Time for Climate Action

19th - 25 th April 2021

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and needs to be fought collectively!

At Breega we believe the tech ecosystem has a key role to play in promoting carbon neutrality.

As part of the fight, Breega has joined Leaders For Climate Actions (LFCA) launched in early 2019 by a group of Berlin-based founders. LFCA now gathers 700 entrepreneurs and 200 + tech companies such as Glovo, Spotify and Universal Music.

All have pledged to become carbon neutral and encourage effective environmental legislation.

Time For Climate Action: 19th - 25 th April 2021

LFCA is organising the Time for climate action week. Its aim is to encourage companies, organisations and individuals to help beat climate change by pledging and carrying out concrete actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

And Breega is taking part!

Breega’s Actions & Pledges:

  • We are undertaking a full Carbon Footprint assessment that will allow us to:
    • Measure all of our direct & indirect carbon emissions.
    • Set ambitious reduction goals.
  • In 2021 we decided to plant 2000 trees compensating for 60 tons of Co2/year
  • We have introduced a Sustainability Clause in our legal investment documentation.
  • More generally, Breega has committed to donating 2% of our Profit before tax to climate NGOs.

Join us!!

  • If you’re a startup looking to adopt eco-friendly practices, check out LFCA’s company page
  • If you’re an individual looking to encourage your company to joint the fight against climate change, check out LFCA’s 7 recommendations for all.

Team Breega is taking part!
Get inspired : Check out our Team video

To take things further

The Green Pledge : LFCA introduced the Green Pledge for companies and individuals wanting to do more. More about this here.

12 actions that you can start today to reduce
your carbon footprint!

Basic Climate Neutrality

Complete Climate Neutrality

Sustainable Office

Conscious Energy Consumption

Minimal everyday сommute

Responsable Business Travel

Employee engagement

Consumer engagement

Green digital product & service

Sustainable physical products

Sustainable Management

Impactful finance