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Let's Invest

Is Breega the right investor for you?
To help you decide, here is what we look for and how we invest

What we look for
Early stage companies in growth markets

We are an early stage investor and specialise in Seed and Series A (sometimes even Pre-Seed!) rounds for early stage companies with some sign of market fit (up and running pilots, engaged users, positive customer feedback etc.) or high tech solutions with significant market potential.

Innovative solutions

We invest in high tech companies from multiple sectors (software, fintech, insurtech, marketplaces, edtech, robotics, deeptech etc). We look for innovation and are one of the few VCs that finance high tech hardware.

Solid founding teams

A company is only as solid as its people. Our startups must have strong, cohesive and engaged founding teams able to work well together under a variety of circumstances. Complementary skills and prior experience in the chosen sector is advantageous.

At Breega, what we look for in a founder and a company can be
summed up like this


Vision: a founder must have a clear vision of what they want their company to achieve. Their vision
provides the driving force and the roadmap to reach their goals.

Individual(s): strong leadership and management skills are vital to any company’s success. A founder
must also be able to think critically and strategically and be able to make tough decisions that will
ultimately drive the company’s success.

Product: we look for founders with products or services that address real pain points or present a strong
market opportunity.

At Breega, all of our ventures and founders are VIP :)

Our assessment criteria

When we review your deck, listen to your pitch and analyse your company, these are some of the areas we consider before deciding to invest.
We encourage you to prepare answers to as many of the points as you can so that our discussion is as fruitful as possible.

  • Pain point and Opportunity ?
  • Solution/product : value proposition, tech, business model
  • Market: size, trends, regulatory opportunities/risks (if applicable)
  • Financials (actual and future): topline, revenue growth, variable/fixed costs, hiring plan
  • Competitors: positioning, activity, key clients, customer targets, barriers, differentiation
  • Achievements & metrics: product launch, beta-tests, clients signed, business KPIs.
  • Team : founder leadership skills, experience, chemistry, commitment, passion.
  • Funding : how much raised so far, cap table, current needs
  • Roadmap : product/tech, go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing development plans
How we invest

Every VC has their own particular investment policy and process, here are ours.

Our investment policy

  • We usually invest from €500K to €5M per round and up to €15M in total in any one company.
  • We tend to lead or co-lead given our committed approach and our hands-on, free Ops team model.
  • We are always happy to co invest with other VCs, providing that they share our values.
  • We generally take a board seat: great governance and being involved strategically with you matters to us! Attending early stage company board meetings allows us to interact regularly with our founders on key issues, and ultimately to better support them.

Our investment process

Here are the 3 main phases of our investment process


1st meeting - pitch to a member of the Invest team

2nd meeting – same pitch to at least one other Invest team member (cross viewing: unbiased decisions)

3rd meeting - in-depth discussion with the partners and invest team at the Breega offices


Visit your offices - meet your team, get to know you more

Further exchanges - by telephone/mail on your product, roadmap, tech, competition, market dynamics, growth plans, vision, metrics, financials

Decision & Diligence

Decision is made whether to progress to Term Sheet

Receive Term Sheet from Breega

Discuss and finalise terms

Getting in touch

So you’ve seen and read what we’re about. Still interested?
Then we would love to hear from you!

There are a number of ways of getting in touch with us about funding for your company:

  • Find someone you know who knows us, and ask them to introduce you – there is nothing like a good intro!
  • Meet us at an event (see our Homepage for events we will be at)
  • Send us your deck directly (via the link at the bottom of this page)
  • We may contact you ourselves, if we have conviction in a certain market and find you in our research.

How to pitch us

Practice your pitch. Practice a lot to make sure that your pitch is sleek. You have to be sharp and engage us, which means you have to explain the value proposition and your execution plan very clearly.

Do your homework. An entrepreneur has to know her/his market and her/his figures. When you have just thirty or forty-five minutes to present your company, you have to be very solid on all the numbers and information that you mention.

Be humble. You have to be ambitious but remain humble. Breega looks for founders who know how to reach for the stars while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

Be honest. Don’t try to be the superman/woman of the situation and lie about your capabilities or your metrics. Engaging in a truthful talk with your potential investor is not a failure or a weakness; it’s being truthful about reality.

Sending us a deck

There is no one right or wrong way to format a deck but it should be clear, concise, attractive and contain all the relevant information. To make things easier, we decided to make a model for you : )

Once you’ve written your deck and checked that the information and the figures are correct, you can go ahead and send us your deck at startup@breega.com

If you’re still wondering how to pick the right VC for you
and would like some more advice

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